Worship Leader: Pam Bowman
Praise Team – rehearsal Wednesdays at 6:45 pm
Media Team Leader: Phil Rice
Choir Director: Martha Stephens
Choir – rehearsals announced during seasonal presentations
Special Music – coordinated with worship planning as needed
Summit Youth Praise Band: Shelli Craig
November 5
Prelude:  Permelia Rogers
Offertory:  Gina Gaston
November 12
Prelude:  Abby Lanham
Offertory:  Lisa Barwell
November 19
Prelude:  Praise Team
Offertory:  Nikki Lockhart
November 26
Prelude:  Nikki Lockhart/Permelia Rogers
Offertory:  Michelle DuFresne
December 3
Prelude: Dominic Craig/Lisa Barwell
Special Presentation:  Children
“The Incredible, Gigantic, Humongous VeggieTales Christmas Show”
Offertory:  Dominic Craig/Lisa Barwell
December 10
Christmas Music Presentation
    by  “calling3:16”
Offertory: Michelle DuFresne
December 17
Prelude: Kathryn Kinzler
Offertory: Children’s Hand Bells
Special: Don Smith
December 24
Prelude: Tyler Bowman
Offertory: Tyler and Pam Bowman
December 31
Prelude: Permelia Rogers
Offertory:  Lisa Barwell
January 7
Prelude: Nikki Lockhart/Permelia Rogers
Offertory: Leah & Mallory Duval
January 14
Prelude: Dominic Craig
Offertory: Shelli Craig
January 21
Prelude: Praise Team
Offertory: calling3:16
January 28
Prelude: Permelia Rogers
Offertory:Don Smith