University Boulevard Nazarene Church (UBNC) strives to be a mission minded church through the denomination’s Nazarene Missions International (NMI) program. With hundreds of Nazarene missionaries in 159 nations worldwide, it is important that locally we support them by emphasizing:
Mission Prayer Ministry        Mission Education         Mission Involvement of Youth and Children       Mission Stewardship
For faith promise, people pray about the amount they should give for global mission (beyond their tithe). They give weekly, biweekly, monthly, or a one-time gift. Additional opportunities to give towards missions will also be provided through special offerings.


For missionaries, LINKS (Loving, Interested Nazarenes, Knowing and Sharing) has meant a connection with their Nazarene family “back home”, knowing that a congregation is thinking of them.
documentThe Memorial Roll, established in 1919, is a way to honor deceased friends and loved ones.
A certificate is issued in the name of the person memorialized and is presented to a family member.
The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a tribute to church people who are living and for their service to the church.
The Memorial Roll 2019 (MR) and the
DSA Awards 2020 (DSA) help fund Missionary Health Care that provides for the medical needs of active Nazarene missionaries, their families, and retired missionaries.
2020-21 Mission Focus Areas and Events
Nazarene Missions Council 2020-2021
President/Missionary Health Care – Leora Legacy
Vice President/Work & Witness – Lisa Barwell
Treasurer – Joe Cox
UCOM – Jim Legacy
Children’s Missions – Schelon Seefeld and Lori Dean
LINKS and Compassionate Ministries – Lida Lytle
Mission Education – Leora Legacy and guest writers and book distributors (Gloria Luke, Debbie Mosher & Susan Day – Children’s lesson)
Alabaster – Mark and Pam Crumrine
Prayer & Fasting – George Lytle
Youth Missions – Samantha Clay

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